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What is Brainobrain?
Brainobrain is a Unique Skill Development Program for kids of all ability levels between the ages of 5-14 yrs.
There are 2 components of this program:

1.Whole Brain Development (using Advanced Abacus)
2. Personality Development (using NLP-Neuro Linguistic Programming)

What is Whole Brain Development?
We know that our brain has two hemispheres the LEFT and RIGHT, and each hemisphere, regulates functions. To further emphasize this notion, the list below illustrates what side of our brain is responsible for what function.



For most people, due to traditional methods of teaching, emphasis is on left brain development and as a result the right brain remains relatively undeveloped. Medical science has established that during the brain development cycle in children there is no training to trigger or use the connections between left brain and right brain. Keeping in mind that there are no connections being made, the connections (synapses between left brain and right brain hemispheres) become weaker or lost. Please refer link from University of Maine Cooperative Extension on brain development, in our reference section.

WHOLE Brain Development focuses on teaching children how to use BOTH the sides of their brain together and at the same time.

What is the Methodology used for Whole Brain Development?
The methodology used is called VAK.
V- Visual (Seeing)
A -Auditory (Hearing)
K- Kinesthetic (Touch)

It is proven that content base is best learned when it is captured by using two or more sensory methods. Brainobrain uses the Advanced Abacus which triggers both sides of the brain, resulting in the formation of new neural connections.

What is an Abacus?
An abacus, also called a counting frame, is a tool thet was used in ancient times for doing simple calculations. The abacus was in use for centuries before the adoption of the written, modern numeral system and was widely used by merchants, traders and Accountants.

How Abacus helps in Whole Brain Development?
We use the Abacus as a tool for whole brain development in children. By implimenting the VAK methodology students are able to use visualization, audtory learningand kinesthetic training while working with the Abacus. to work the Abacus, students must visulize the beeds is their mind, learn magic words for excerses and physically work the apparatus. Essentially the Abacus become a tool that work both sides of the brain and fasters effective learning through the use of multiple learning modalties, Whole brain development is maintained.

What is NLP and how does it helps children?
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of what works your thinking, language and behavior. It is a way of coding and reproducing excellence that enables you to consistently achieve . NLP is the process of modeling conscious and unconscious Thought patterns thatwe posses .

Using a NLP skill set, children are taught how to incorporate the excellences, and how to become more positive thinkers while gaining confidence, motivation and focus in overcoming fear and shyness.

In our classes we use NLP techniques to make children become conscious observers , better leaders and decision makers. As a result, the BrainObrain program focuses on the child's Whole Brain and Personality Development through fun-filled skill development program.

What is the effectiveness of Creative Visualization?
When children visualize, they understand things better and more effectively. Visualization, not only helps them to become good at comprehension, but it also allows them enjoy the activity - whether it is reading, spelling or math.

How is BrainObrain different from other learning enrichment programs?
Think of BrainObrain as a GYM for the Brain. Our program routinely teaches children physical actions to stimulate the brain, followed by using tools such as an Advanced Abacus and NLP to facilitate 'Whole Brain Development' and 'Personality Development'.

- Interactive learning through teacher and peer engagement
- Learning based on conscious engagement of Visual, Auditory & Kinesthetic senses
- A center that teaches how to Perform Physical Brain Exercises
- Conceptual Learning
- Conscious Observation to Improve Spelling & Reading

- Lecturing to children during the class
- Program based on applying FORMULAS or Rote Memorization
- Repetition-based program using worksheets
- Test Preparation
- Program to Reinforce concepts taught in school

The by-products or results of our endeavors are:
- Concentration & Focus
- Memory & Retention
- Imagination & Creativity
- Conscious Observation
- Superior Numerical Abilities
- Leadership and Decision Making Skills


How is the program administered?
The program is administered over 10 levels. Each level lasts for 12 weeks. It is a once a week program. At the end of each level, children have to pass a test before they can advance to the next level.
We place children based on age and all the children start from level 1.
How large are your classes?
Our classes are deliberately small, consisting of children.

What is the right age to start this program?
The minimum requirement is that a child be able to recognize and write numbers from 0-9. The program is suited for children from the ages of 4-14. l We offer the program to students who meet the basic level and all abilities are welcome. Essential skills that are required o enter into the program are: the ability to move beads and the knowledge to count numbers 1-10. To schedule our free presentation or learn more about our assessment, feel free to contact us.

When are classes offered?
Classes are offered daily, during after school hours 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. On Saturdays, we offer classes from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

How do you work with children of all levels?
Our focus is on whole brain and personality development resulting in enhancing other brain abilities. A child will be taught through creative visualization, conscious observation, memorization, etc, which all impact on l academic performance. Our NLP skill development is also a unique program in that it teaches children to develop a well rounded personality that focuses on leadership qualities fostering, excellence in others and themselves.

How much work does my child need to do?
Your child needs to exercise his/her brain with activities from the course book for 10-15 minutes, at least 4 times a week. There are no extra worksheets to complete, unless specifically requested by a parent ( for the purpose of providing additional challenges).

What do parents need to do?
During the first level, the parents need to ensure that the children are using appropriate finger movements and saying the right words when they work at home.

If you are interested to in reading about the brain development cycle, including the left and right brain hemispheres, please visit our links & references section .

Please visit our blog for more FAQ and testimonials at ""

Information provided above is based on several testimonials Brainobrain received from worldwide sources. Statements related to human medical science are very generic and are taken from popular belief & information available to the public at large.


Everytime she is getting better at tests. Brainobrain has also taught her more patience and concentration both in studies and in other domestic works.
- Parents of Alanhya Singh.9th Std.

After joining Brainobrain, I am finding my child more focused & interested in subjects. His overall interest towards calculation is also increasing.
- Parents of Parth Sindhu, 4th Std